Go Beyond Viewability...

Sure, measuring viewability is important but what is the point of being viewed by a bot or if the user isn’t engaged? Beachfront has developed patented technology that measures engagement as well as viewability.

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Eliminate Fraud By Measuring Engagement

Viewing metrics alone don’t tell a complete story. TruTraffic’s proprietary algorithm gathers social data including shares, likes and retweets to calculate social impact.

  • Experience Matters

    Our patented technology, in use since 2007, was built to rank videos based on hundreds of thousands of social data points. Now, we have applied this same technology to determine if your video ad buy is going against real traffic.

  • Computer Vision Replace Manual Ad Audits

    Beachfront’s TruVision technology uses computer vision so that you can always see where your ads are being placed from one handy dashboard. Your ad operations team will love it.

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